Private Make-up Lessons For Self-make-up Application

Beginner’s Make-up Routine

Price: € 160, exclusive *

This service is designed for everyone who does not have much experience working with make-up. We will take care of all the fundamental aspects of the make-up application: the base, the eyebrows, the eye make-up, and the lips. Whether you choose a high coverage application of a sheerer or a more natural one, this is a tailored appointment where I will show and teach you how to create the daily look. I’ll keep in mind your affinity with make-up and give you enough support for you to elevate your skills. This service takes up to two (2) hours. Read terms and conditions.

From Day-to-night Look

Price: € 160 exclusive *

This service is designed for everyone who already knows how to deal with your daily make-up but doesn’t feel confident enough to create a well-put-together evening look. We would still go through all the aspects of the make-up application while focussing on one specific technique, such as a smokey eye, the perfect eyeliner for your eye shape, or a structured lip application. This service takes up to two (2) hours. Read terms and conditions.

Glamour Look

Price: € 160 exclusive *

This service is designed for dye-hard make-up lovers who want to do their make-up on the same level as an experienced make-up artist. We will be meticulous in contouring and highlighting smokey eyes or cut creases. Everything with total support making you feel ever confident about your make-up skills. From that moment on, you will be bagging to have occasions to show off your skills. This service takes up to two (2) hours. Read terms and conditions.

Bridal Self-Application Lesson

Price: € 299 exclusive *

This service is designed for every bridal that wants to do their own make-up on their wedding day. Remember that the final look will all depend on our current make-up skills. You should see this appointment almost as a bridal make-up consultation and trial, followed by a make-up lesson. After we decide how your look will be, I’ll teach you how to replicate it on the wedding day. I’ll also provide a face chart with a clear explanation of the placement of the products. Everything you need to recreate the look on your own. Products not included. This service takes up to three (3) hours. Read terms and conditions.

Training Your Staff – Special Make-up Courses For Your Beauty Salon Staff

These services are for beauty salon owners that feel like their staff could use some support when dealing with their clients’ make-up wishes. The curses are divide into three sub-categories: Social Make-up Looks, Bridal Make-up Consultancy and Application, and Technical Support Training. The courses would take place at your beauty salon on the days the establishment isn’t open, such as Sundays and Mondays. They usually take up to 6 hours. The subjects would be administrated as one theme a day. I would provide you with make-up materials such as foundations, concealers, powders, eyeshadows, eye pencils, blushers, lip pencils, and lipsticks. The only thing your staff would have to arrange is their make-up brushes and a model to work with. Read terms and conditions.

Bridal Make-up Consultancy & Application

Price: Starts at € 1000 exclusive *

In this 6 hours course, I’ll share techniques to help your staff precisely understand your customer’s make-up wishes. As a make-up artist, you need a certain finesse when understanding your customer’s desires, especially regarding a bridal make-up application.
In the first part of this course, I will share with them what type of approach is the most effective when figuring out their make-up wishes. Our most important mission here is to try to achieve the highest client satisfaction possible. What and where to pay attention, but also all the musts regarding bridal make-up. Plus, all the tiny details that would turn that moment into unforgettable memories.
After that, we will have the practice part of the course, where we will recreate a real-life consultation. I will first do a make-up demo, explaining all the steps of the make-up application. Then the attendees would have the opportunity to apply all the techniques and strategies that we would just have discussed. At that moment, I’ll be providing tailored technical support for each of your staff members. The goal is to elevate their skills and make them confident enough to go through any situation regarding a bridal application. Read terms and conditions.

Social Make-up Looks

Price: Starts at € 1000 exclusive *

In this 6 hours course, I will teach your staff about social make-up application. I call it social make-up because it could be a day make-up look, but still sophisticated and precise. But we will also discuss other techniques such as smokey eyes, cut-crease, eyeliners, defined lips, contour, and highlight.
That is ideal for anyone who feels their skills are a bit dusted or in need of an upgrade. Read terms and conditions.

Technical Support Training

Price: Starts at € 1000 exclusive *

In these 6 hours course, I will share with the attendees the basics of make-up. Understanding and identifying skin undertones is the perfect foundation for each client: eyebrows, eye make-up, and lips. This course is ideal for anyone with little technical knowledge of make-up products. We will talk about the different textures, coverages, and finishes that you can create with make-up and how to combine them to create beautiful and modern looks. That course is tailored to everyone who wishes to review skills they’d learned in the past and new techniques. Read terms and conditions.

Workshops For Your Beauty Adviser’s Staff

These services are designed for the retail stall, specifically beauty advisers in perfumeries and department stores.
I’ll create a tailored program to support your staff in different areas of opportunity. We live in a dynamic and ever-evolving world, and retailers need to step up their games if they want to create an unforgettable shopping experience for their customers. And by identifying their customers’ needs and expectations, you can create sales without giving their clients the unpleasant feeling of overselling. The goal is to reach sales targets in a way that would feel effortless.

The workshops are divided into sub-categories such as:

  • Team Building Experience
  • Customer Approach Experience & Sales
  • Technical Support Training
  • One-on-one Retail Make-up Artist Training

Team Building Experience

Price: € Price on request

Statistics have proven that a well-built team is key to successfully running a retail establishment. How your staff communicates with each other is essential to succeed during busy periods of the day and the year. But the main idea is to create a safe and fun environment and elevate professional conduit and workflow. That is how your team will be keeping up the highest customer satisfaction ever. Read terms and conditions.

Customer Approach Experience & Sales

Price: € Price on request

Performing as a retail make-up artist allowed me to work with different types of customers and situations.
During this workshop, I will share everything I know about welcoming communication and sales strategies. I developed techniques that will help your staff understand the customer’s needs and provide them with an unforgettable and unique experience. Remember that they are all individually unique and deserve to be respected. But, never then less, the main goal is to generate and achieve sales targets. Read terms and conditions.

Technical Support Training

Price: € Price on request

If you are looking for a brand specialist, you are at the right place.
For this kind of service, I’ll first learn everything I need to know about your brand and products. After that, I will design and facilitate technical support training for your staff. We will discuss each product’s key ingredients and benefits and how to combine them to create a personalized daily routine for your customers. The main goal is to give your staff enough support to feel confident in representing your brand in any situation and generating sales and a loyal clientele.
Do not hesitate to contact me for a consultation. Read terms and conditions.

Marketing Consultancy

Price: € Price on request

I have been working as a marketing consultant for over ten years. My role would vary from bridging relations with PR, Marketing, and Social Media departments to analyzing the business market and searching for opportunities and improvements.
These services apply to retailers, cosmetic brands, make-up schools, and public relations agencies. Read terms and conditions.