Find Your New Look

Create a skincare routine – Complete image consultancy, where we will create your new hot look together!

Price: € Price on request.

Are you someone who’s ready to freshen up your everyday style? Ever wonder how influencers always look flawless in their daily lives? Or maybe you’re just curious about the latest makeup trends. Well, you’re in luck because this service is tailor-made for you!

During our appointment, we’ll chat about what you want and need, and together, we’ll create a brand new look that’s all yours. We can even discuss your current skincare routine and find ways to make it even better. After all, taking care of yourself is where beauty begins. And building a solid skincare routine is a fantastic way to start feeling amazing about yourself.

It’s time to start turning heads everywhere you go, and for all the right reasons! When you leave my studio, you’ll not only look beautiful but also feel incredible. Guarantee!

Personal Branding

Are you thinking your LinkedIn photo could use an upgrade? Or maybe you’re launching a new business and need a fresh, professional image? If so, you’re in the right place. This service is perfect for anyone who wants to make a professional impression with their portrait.

We’ll start with a video chat where you can tell me all about your needs and expectations. Then, armed with that info, we’ll create the perfect corporate image to help you stand out in your field.

Corporate Profile Portrait

Price: Starts at € 299, exclusive VAT and travel expenses.

We would first have an online intake so that I could understand your needs and areas of possibility (improvement). Afterward, we would meet at my studio, where I would style you from head to toe with your clothes, and right after, we would take your portrait. After that, we would select an average of 4 pictures, and those images would receive some treatment and retouching. When finished, I will send them to you digitally so you can use them as you wish. You will get all the images via a WeTransfer file.

It’s possible to take a picture at a specific desired location. I can also offer clothes styling support. In this case, I could provide some outfits for you to wear. Please refer to the terms and conditions.

Personal Branding Video

Price: Starts at € 1200 exclusive VAT and travel expenses.

We could also create a personal branding video starting at € 1200 exclusive. That video would be no longer than 2 minutes, and the ideal would be between 45 and 60 seconds. Please refer to the terms and conditions. And don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.


Price: € Final Price on request

It starts at € 1.150, exclusive VAT and travel expenses. The hourly rate is € 180, exclusive VAT and travel expenses. Please refer to the terms and conditions.

Maternal Pregnancy Painting & Portrait

Price: € 750 exclusive VAT and travel expenses. *

Let’s create that picture-perfect memory while you are expecting it.
We will first create a pregnancy belly painting, and then we will take a beautiful mother and child portrait. I’ll make sure you look both amazing. I will take care of everything. The hair, the make-up, the styling, the picture, and the editing! Everything to make this moment last forever. You will get up to 5 retouched images in digital format and high resolution, ready to be printed. Please refer to the terms and conditions.

Beauty Treatments